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Eyelash Extension Care

Keeping eyelash extensions for a long amount of time can be a hectic task. But care is always advised when one is planning to keep them for longer. After getting the lashes done, one should always stay away from water and steam for a couple of hours as it can affect the bond of the glue. A good amount of heat can also alter the bond of the glue. After waiting for about 5 to 6 hours, one can go back to her normal routine of dealing with water, shower or washing face casually. But care should be taken to avoid rubbing of the eyes and use of a hair dryer as the speedy hot air can really alter the setting of the glue. 

One should always apply a serum once a day to condition the hairs that are surrounding the eyes. Many people are tempted to apply mascara over the extensions to make the eyes look big. Mascara is not necessarily a con over the extensions, but curling the extensions can really make the eyelash extension glue weak. Apply curls over the flat eyelash extensions can also make the eyelash extension glue loose. One should always use an oil-free makeup remover so that the cleaning of eyes wouldn’t affect the lash extensions. They should always be brushed. Many people forget about doing this. Experts are always advising to give eyelash extensions a good brush after shower in the morning when you wake up. 

Many females are tempted to pluck the altered eyelash extension. This act can cause more damage to them than many people think. This can actually damage the natural lashes. To make them stay back to their original position, it is advised to give them an upward brush so that they can get back to their original place. 

Eyelash extension glue in Australia can also be applied once the lashes are dry and are not in their actual place. This can occur often as many people who are applying the lash extensions are not actually aware of the process. The eyelash extension glue should be applied later with a little baby oil to get the process done with real ease.  

Flat eyelash extensions are often more glued than the volume ones and they are difficult to keep than the others. 5d pre made volume fans are easy to keep than the 3d pre made volume extensions. The lashes should be kept as dry as possible. Even during washing of the face, the water should be kept as far away from eyes as possible. Heat should be avoided too during hot days. Spas visits should be made less and less. After one day or so, the lashes are actually waterproof. After that time, the face can be washed off. eyelashes-extension