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The Impact Of Tattoos On Today’s World

Tattoos haven’t been a popular lifestyle choice for people in the past. However, in today’s world, more people have embraced the art of tattoos. Tattooing is the process of embedding permanent designs onto our skin by adding a shade of pigmentation. It’s used to display art and are considered a form of fashion but it can also be used to make cosmetic changes to our appearances. It’s a favoured trend by millennials and has become something of a norm in the 21st century. Extravagant designs are not acceptable in a professional office so when you decide to get tattoos, make sure that you don’t get it in an exposed part of your body if you want to work in an office. Nevertheless, there’s a certain section of people out there who like tattoos and you’re likely to be admired by the likes of such enthusiasts.

A fashion statement

Tattoos are an art form that is applied in the canvas that is your body as a form of expression. This is a popular style of fashion embraced by many. The entertainment industry is one of the fewest industries in the world that has accepted the use of tattoos. As previously mentioned, office environments are strictly against the displaying of tattoos.

Cosmetic uses

Sometimes, tattoos are also used to shape facial features. An eyebrow tattoo by Kassey Brows is used to refine the shape of an eyebrow for people who don’t aren’t naturally blessed with well-defined brows. Using tattoos helps to mould a stylish shape and acts as a permanent solution for people who don’t like to spend a lot of time waxing to maintain their eyebrows.Similarly, cosmetic tattoos are used to refine the shapes of various features on our face such as eye lids, lips, face and so on. It’s also used for eye lining to give a definitive shade of colour to bring out the eyes.

Creating awareness

Tattoos can also be used to make a social statement. There are times when tattoo trends are used to create awareness among the general public. The semicolon tattoo is a common trend used to identify people that have struggled with depression and self-inflicted pain. It’s represented as a symbol for the survivors and shows other people who struggle that there is hope for them too. It’s a way of showing solidarity and identifying ourselves as part of a collective that have suffered mental health problems and still managed to fight through it.

Gang affiliations

Some people use tattoos as a symbol of representation for the gangs they are affiliated with. They are used as a symbol of power and are used to identify the individual members of a certain association.

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October 15, 2018