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Three Main Hacks For Skin Problems

Taking care of our skin is one of the most important rules. Our skin is the largest organ of our body and we need to give 100% attention on it. Protection and daily care need not be expensive, and there are homemade remedies we can start at our home. There are moments in our life when we experience skin problems and we are clueless on what shall we do to solve it. As such, this article aims to introduce some of the skincare hacks that have been used by many people throughout the generations. Here are some of the skincare hacks you can try as soon as possible at home:

Red Lipstick For Dark Circles

Are you irritated with dark circles under your eyes? You can try to put red lipstick on that area. Red lipstick hides your dark spot together with your makeup. To do this, grab a red lipstick and a brush. Next, apply the lipstick gently under your eyes. Make sure that all your spots are covered. Then, apply some concealer, foundation via airbrush makeup, and finish it with a matte powder. Unlike another regimen, red lipstick makes your look natural and fresh.

Oral Gel for your Eyebrows

For some, plucking eyebrows is their favorite part even though the pain is excruciating. However, there is a hack that you can try the next time you pluck your eyebrows. You can try to put some oral gel on your eyebrows to ease the pain. This is the same method used by some mobile hair and makeup artist. Oral gel numbs the skin and prevents the occurrence of the ‘chicken skin’. To do this, apply a good amount of oral gel on your eyebrows with your fingertips. Leave it for few minutes before you start plucking it.

Fresh Potato for Underarms

Are you starting to have dark underarms? You can try to put a fresh potato on it. Cut a potato in half. Thereafter, rub it on your armpits. You can also try juicing the potato and massage the juice gently on the dark areas of your skin. Potato is all natural and it does not cause irritation on your skin. It can help whiten the dark skin and prevents pigmentation. It has enzymes that promote exfoliation and removal of dead skin cells on your armpits.

Thus, the next time you see dark spots on your skin, make sure to switch to potato.

These are some of the skincare hacks that you can try at home whenever you experience issues on your skin. The above-mentioned hacks aim to promote natural remedy to skin issues, but you can opt to seek professional help if you are not sure if this will work for you.