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Top Makeup Mistakes That You Must Avoid

We all love to look beautiful and dazzling, Makeup makes it easier for all of us to look truly sensational! But there are some mistakes that you must avoid when experimenting with your color palettes and brushes and a few of these are detailed below.

Trying to match too much

Gone are the days when you tried to match your lip color and eye shadow color and the blush color with the color of your outfit! That really doesn’t work for anyone anymore! So don’t try to match too much. Matching the color of the lip would be okay, but don’t try to go beyond that.

Not paying attention to the eyebrows

Along with the ‘matchy-matchy’ days, the ‘thin brow’ days are gone too (thankfully!) So make sure you pay attention to your glorious arches when wearing makeup. You can opt to do eyebrow feather stroke if you like and enjoy thick brows that will change the way your face looks (almost) always for the better. Always fill the gaps in them with a good powder or a pencil. Make sure you choose the shade that matches and try to go for a natural look too. Eyebrow feather tattoo Sydney is a great option for those who don’t like to go through the hassle of filling their brows every day. Of course you have to make sure you go to a reputed tattoo artist to get this done!

Experimenting too much

Just because purple lipstick is in, you don’t have to wear it too. When you try to experiment too much you will often go very wrong. So if you want to try looking chic instead of hip and trendy, try to always play it safe with the shades. If you are going for dramatic eye makeup, try to choose a nude shade for your lips. That way your eyes will get all the attention and you will look like a diva too!

Wearing too much or too little makeup

You have to consider the occasion when wearing makeup. Wearing too much makeup for casual events and wearing too little for grand events are both not great! So focus on the occasion and choose your look well. Do try to also consider your outfit and hairdo for the day when wearing makeup. If you are planning to wear glamorous dresses, trying to stay a little modest with the makeup will be great. There are plenty of videos on Youtube today that help amateurs master the application of makeup. Do experiment on yourself when you are at home and figure out which colors and looks suit you best and rock those styles when you step out of the house!